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Where to shop for the best laptops in town?

The web is full of reviews and recommendations about the best price/quality laptops and rightfully so – getting it right is more confusing than ever.

To make it easier to decide, choose which one of the three is you:


-       Business user

-       Creative professional

-       Light surfer

As a Business user, I’m assuming you spend majority of your time manipulating spread-sheets and creating presentations, so you’ll want a laptop with a good keyboard, sharp screen and good battery life.

Creative professional would need a powerful processor and large and high-res display for editing videos and photos.

Light surfer will do with a light notebook.

When you have identified what are you looking for in a laptop, the ultimate and the most important decision to make is – the price. In other words: what is the best laptop you can buy for the cheapest price?

“You get what you pay for” is a good old saying, that truly is very old and not relevant any more. There are a huge number of stores available, all offering different prices for the same product. So, choose your laptop retailer carefully and look out for deals and discounts that are available online for free.

I, personally, like to try out multiple models at Currys and PC World and then take my notes back home, because you will almost always pay a premium for shopping in store – although there is usually a bargain to be had if you know where to look.

You can get much cheaper price for the same laptop online (Ebuyer, Ebay and Amazon) for one simple reason – online retailers don’t have to pay for renting spaces and paying staff, which only means that when buying online you actually get what you pay for.

But there is one high-street retailer, that stands above others in terms of price and quality and it is Argos. It lists around 150 reasonably priced laptops. Argos tends to have lower prices than PC World and Currys for the same products.

Additionally, I recently discovered My Voucher Codes (Britains biggest voucher site), that has 30-70% discounts for many laptops.

Their offers change every two days, so before purchasing a laptop you love, I would suggest you to wait for a better offers to come. There is a good possibility to get 50% or £100 off your laptop.

They currently have £30 off iPads:


Ideas for Short Family Getaways

A Short Trip Has Plenty of Possibilities

Due to the challenges of juggling annual leave from work, children’s school holidays and the cost of extended time away, for many people taking a long family holiday more than once a year is extremely difficult. Luckily, modern transport options, rapid transfers and the need for minimal preparation means that a short break is now a cost-effective and accessible option for time away as a family unit, which enables everyone to spend quality time together doing things that they enjoy. Ideal as a way of recharging your batteries and providing a change from the regular routine, a short break is a chance to try different activities in new locations.

Foreign Breaks Work Well

Rapid flight times now mean that most of Europe, America, the Middle East and much of North Africa is within a comfortable travelling distance for a few days away. For example, you can get affordable flights to Miami for you and your family if you book your flights weeks before your trip. With attractions such as the Everglades, South Beach and Jungle Island all within easy driving distance, Miami is ideal for an exciting short stay. Book early and make use of promotional offers to secure the best offers. Many travellers find they can obtain extremely good deals if they book their flights separately to their hotel accommodation

Try Something Different

Because it’s only for a few days, a short trip is a fantastic opportunity to try something different from your usual holiday arrangements. If you normally opt for a beach holiday, why not try a city break for a change? For people who tend to favour cosmopolitan destinations for some relaxing retail therapy, consider a rural destination. The beauty of only being in a place for a few days is that you can cherry pick the very best experiences on offer and enjoy premium pastimes without falling victim to “itinerary fatigue”.

Arrangements are Easy to Make

If you’re only staying a few nights in a location, apart from a passport and appropriate travel insurance (including suitable health insurance if travelling outside of the EU), most countries do not require that a Visa is obtained. Simply book your travel online and enjoy the anticipation of a refreshing and exhilarating short stay somewhere special.


Ways to de-stress for busy moms

Moms have a notoriously busy schedule. Running around after the kids, doing household chores and holding down a job can all take its toll on your stress level. So, what can you do to unwind, and how can you find the time for yourself? All moms need some time out every now and again to recharge the batteries. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

1. Take a weekend break

If you have relatives who are willing look after the kids for a couple of days, why not consider taking a weekend break? It could be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to spend some quality time together, or you could have a catch up with the girls. Having a little adult conversation might be just the thing you need!

2. Have a date night

If you can’t stretch to a weekend away, you could hire a babysitter for the night and enjoy a nice meal out or a movie trip. It can often be difficult to spend time alone with your partner, especially if you both work. A date night can be a nice treat to look forward to at the end of the week.

3. Have a spiritual reading

Having a reading with a psychic, such as those at TheCircle, is becoming increasingly popular as a way of de-stressing and gaining perspective on your life. Readings can take place on the phone, online or in person so there are lots of ways to fit it into your schedule. Many people find it quite therapeutic to discuss their worries and receive insight into their destiny.

4. Give yourself a makeover

You could treat yourself to a new haircut, an outfit or just get your nails done. These little treats are the perfect way to relax and can give a great confidence boost if you’re feeling a bit down. Now all you need is someone to take you out and show it off!

5. Do some exercise

Exercise is widely known to release endorphins which make you feel happier! It doesn’t have to be a massive work out – just a walk around the block can help lift your mood and make you feel refreshed.

So, next time you’re feeling stressed, give some of these tips a try. You’ll be back to your normal self and ready to chase after the kids in no time!


Kid Friendly Apps for Summer Road Trips

RoadTripTaking a road trip with children no longer has to be a test of one’s sanity. Thanks to the array of electronic inventions, parents have plenty of portable options for entertaining their tots. Apps let you pack a bevy of options from classic road trip games to traditional board games with interactive features—all without the added burden of packing more in your already cramped car. Give your summer road trip a makeover by opting for any or all of these mobile apps.

The Wheels on the Bus

No road trip would be the same without hearing this standard song. However, now you don’t have to embarrass yourself with subpar vocals. The Wheels on the Bus award winning app via iTunes was voted Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner by the Parents’ Choice Foundation, as well as the Best Children’s App at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Kids love the interactive feature of being able to record their voice along with the song, for an impromptu karaoke bar in the car. Meanwhile parents love the option to have several versions of the song sang aloud, including in Spanish and French. Teach your kids a bit about a foreign language while traveling to your next rest stop.


Little kids love balloons but parents hate the choking hazard, not to mention the sure-to-end-badly scenario of a balloon ready to pop. Give your child a treat with the Balloonimals, available on iPhone or iPod Touch. They’ll take turns blowing into the mobile microphone while inflating balloons. By shaking the mobile device, the balloons will be twisted in the shape of popular animals like green dinosaurs. The three-dimensional balloon animals come to life on the screen when you give them a tap or a shake. Keep inflating the balloons for a sudden explosion; no choking hazards or mess to be found.


Give yourself a break from pecking at your tablet or mobile device, and opt for the voice search on the DIRECTV phone app. Whether you are searching for a specific television show, such as “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” or you are browsing for a sports game to watch, this app takes the guesswork out of channel surfing. Signing up for DirecTV is very fast and you can unique deals are available using Save your energy for dealing with the kiddos, and add this app to your road trip arsenal for a major time, and sanity, saver.


Treat your kiddos to a frosty cone on your next road trip without worrying about sugar overload or brain freeze. The iPhone app Scoops lets kids practice their stacking skills as they collect scoops falling from the sky on their cone. Avoiding vegetables like onions is equally important, as no one wants an ice cream cone that’ll make them cry. Opt for this game when you need some quiet time while on the road. Scoops would also work well for keeping kids in check while you are waiting for a hot meal at a roadside diner.


Transform your iPhone into a wind instrument by blowing into your microphone while pressing the notes on the screen. The Ocarina will let your budding musicians create beautiful, and interesting, music as an alternative to the shrieks and shouts that typically come from the back seat. The app also comes equipped with song books that feature classics, such as Bach’s Ave Maria and the Mario Brothers Theme.

Making Yourself Useful

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundIn any company for the most part, you always have a chance that they will decide to let you go, and your job as an employee is to find ways to make it so you are in a position that they would have a hard time replacing you.

This can be anything from taking over a project so that you are the expert in a certain area of the company, be it dealing with computers or with clients.

Some other things you can do include implementing new strategies, or finding new roles you can fulfill in the company. Notice something that is not organized effectively, take some time and organize it, as knowing where things are can show initiative, and put you in a position where others come to you for information and advice.

Most of you probably believe one of two thing, either that they need you and will not fire you, or that you don’t have the power to put yourself in a position where they actually need you.

Well, for the first group that think you are invincible, have there been other people doing what you now do? If so, then there are also people waiting after you for your job. Connect with people in the company, and learn all you can. Knowledge can be power, and also an eye opener. While you should never become afraid, you should also never be overconfident.

The people in the second group, that think they are in too low of a position to really wrap yourself in the company. You would be surprised how little it takes. A few good ideas, and some extra time and effort invested and you will no doubt see yourself either moving up in the corporate ladder, or finding things that are your responsibility, that make you more of a keystone in the company.’

Again, making yourself useful in a company can take time and effort that are not listed in your jobs duties, but even the smallest things can reap major rewards. Also, don’t forget to try to learn as much as you can about the company you are in, as companies are more about the social aspect than people would like to believe, and being social can give you control, and power in a company you may feel powerless in.

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owning business

Benefits of Having Your Own Business

owning businessMillions of people work hard for a living by working for a company and a boss ever single day. A lot of them are happy doing what they do, day in and out with no trouble or worry about it at all. There is fact absolutely nothing wrong with that at all ! If that is what is making that particular invidual happy, then to each his own. You do what absolutely have to do in order to make sure that ends meet and that business is being taken care of with paying off bills, keeping a roof over you and your family’s head and keeping food on the table. But, what if there was, let’s say a better way to doing that. A better and easier way to earn money and provide all the things necessary and required for your family to flourish and live comfortably, would you in fact be interested in possibly learning how to do that at all ? A way that this could be achieved is by starting and having your own business. There are a ton of things and reasons why more than thousands of people do this each and every year. The benefits of going into business for oneself is limitless, but here are the most common reasons and benefits why one would want to begin their own business:

1. They usually get to make their own hours. No alarm clock required! For example: a person could decide that he or she will work 5-10 hours per week and take off time whenever they pleased.

2. They can set and adjust how much they would like to be paid and when. Boy, wouldn’t that sure be nice. Depending on the business type and methods of pay accepted, that could range from credit card, checks, money orders, cash and many other options now available to people.

3. They can spend more time with their family, friends and doing more things that they enjoy doing. If that isn’t a reason, I don’t know what is. You can kick back, relax and do whatever you want when you are ready.

So this is basically just a few of the benefits of having your own business. There are actually hundred’s of more reasons as to why, but try doing more research on starting a business for yourself and see if this would be the right choice for you.

If you this a choice you want to make for your lifestyle, be sure to take every chance you get to prepare for this large responsibility. Consider the options of attending business seminars or choosing classes from a number of mba online programs.


CSS Web Design

These days, in the growth and development of web sites, the CSS has turned into altogether a new platform. The quality of CSS being one of its kinds has given new definitions to the feel of web page viewing. Now these web sites can be viewed at reasonably more comfortable path. Also, fitting your work in accordance with the current social fashions makes CSS wholly overwhelmingly smart.

Another essential and distinguishing attribute of CSS, which is already entirely formulated, is that one can witness the World Wide Web as a functional and developing database. This entails that we can acquire a file from one web site and put it into another. Just like you wish to upload your video in the You Tube and you put it on your My Space page. This can be done by implementing CSS tools. Now there is a greater charge to the internet users as compared to the older age of web, i.e, web 2.0.

Although many advancing skills in this era of web growth are only restricted to a small group enjoying superior intellect who take up training in formulating this progressing web, still it’s a great thing that websites have materialized advanced information on the internet growth particularly when this very benefiting CSS is available to all. What people want is the aim of website developers these days, keeping their convenience in mind and this aim is the real source of information for them.

For such developers of web, who have nothing else but designing their web sites on their mind, it will be most beneficial to see CSS site and the gallery there. Here we can find some really fascinating descriptors of CSS designing which have been put up in a very organized manner and to this description everyone would agree.  Such a thing will not be available in a regular web site.

In this section, we can find a great deal information, all about web and web designing. CSS can not be taught in just one place in this section, so all the beginners have to take up studying CSS themselves to reach that expert level in web development.

If still one’s wish of finding related information is not satisfied, one has the option of joining the interactive mode in this section of this forum. Since these days there is a great competition, this forum has become very famous because of its outstanding features. Since this has been made possible here, you can find even more related information on many more subjects from more skilled elite. And moreover, all this is absolutely free of cost. Furthermore, this forum also analyses the community to which you belong and gives your kind of information, i.e, the variety you like. And for this it provides you help from others.

To search and find out the most proficient dream is any web developer’s greatest of desires.

learn language

Learning a New Language Fast

learn languageSo you want to or need to learn a language fast and effectively. Many people worldwide do just this with little trouble. I think that a lot of people will make or tend to think that learning a new language fast is a lot harder than it really is, mainly due to their being unfamiliar to languages and accents that are so much different and unlike their own language. Also, the person that thinks that it’s more difficult than is expected may not feel ready to try new things of this sort. Yet, it really is easier to do if you are willing to work hard, have some focus and put time into learning the language that you are trying to attain.

A few reasons as to why a person would want to learn a language would be to communicate with others that are native and fluent in the specific language in question, for a new job where the language would be helpful, or if you were going on a trip and to a new country, or to basically become closer to a culture that intrigues them. You could start learning the language that you want fast by buying really good book, videos, and tapes – or if you have an mp3 player you could purchase and download language courses that you can listen to at night in your bed, or whenever you have some free time. Surround yourself with native speakers in your area, make friends.

Visit a country for a few weeks or months where the language is most prevalent and used. Try to speak, listen, comprehend, and write the language – I mean really understand it and take it in. Try to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible any learning the language fast will come much easier.


5 Ways to Earn Extra Money

makemoreSo, you need to earn extra money in a short period of time. If so, you best believe that you are not the only one. You may want to earn some extra cash for one of a hundred reasons. Some of the main reason being that a person might need to pay some bills that may be overdue and they need to make some cash in a hurry, they need a supplementary income to pay off the little extra things here and there (like food, or personal hygiene items), they want to buy someone close to them a gift, they may need the money to put more gas in their car more often, or they just may even need to accumulate more funds in order to help support their life style and way of living. Many people would love to have a way to make some more money on the side, and there are literally hundreds of ways of going about doing that. I will only go over a few though – some of which have personally been good to me over the years.

1. Buy and Sell Things on The Internet – Gather up all of your old items and things that you don’t need anymore like clothes, furniture, shoes, video game systems, old gifts, computers, etc. Anything that you won’t be needing anymore and list their descriptions on classified sites and major auction websites.

2. Work Freelance on Your Computer – A lot of people at times will hire people to do simple and small tasks for them on their computer and they get paid to do them. It could serve as a nice little extra income.

3. Write an E-book or Make You Own Digital Product – The subject can range from anything from cooking to tips on improving your home and anything else you could imagine. Once you’ve written your product, sell it.

4. Affiliate Marketing Online – This way, you can sell other people’s products, most of the hard work is already done!

5. Start Your Own Business – Go into business for yourself and earn as much or little as you need to, it’s as simple as that !

html links

How to Add HTML Anchor Links (HTML URL Code)

html linksIf you’re webmaster or just want to learn the basics, here is one of the most precise and to the point guides as to how you can add HTML links within your content.

There are really two standard ways you can add HTML links. You first need to figure out if you want to give dofollow or nofollow links. Once you know the answer to the first question, you then need to move on to the next step, the code!

How to Add HTML Links


Download Code Here