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Bloglines Review

Bloglines LogoOne of the many things I use to help me keep organized is also one of the things that probably takes up the longest amount of my time in the morning: Bloglines.

Bloglines is a website service that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feed of a website. Basically allowing you to keep track of the new things added to a multitude of websites and blogs. Unfortunately, for many people it is also an excuse to subscribe to every website under the sun to keep watching for great content.

I recently reduced the amount of websites I watch from around a thousand to under three hundred, which is much better, and faster. It is like my daily news paper written by all the websites I like to read. I open it up, and it shows me the recently added stories on all the sites, allowing me to freely read the content in a graphically light interface (thus faster to load than many of the websites built by some of the greatest designers on the Internet).

Bloglines Account Overview

Some of the best features for Bloglines is the organization, speed, and ease of use that comes with using bloglines. Also the fact that it is computer and software independant, allowing me to check on my favorite websites on any computer using pretty much any web browser.

Some of the worst features about Bloglines include the fact that you will begin to get unorganized if you are not diligent, as adding sites to your account can get a little addictive, so I recommend using the folders feature, as well as periodically removing entries from your account. Also, the way it works does not show any of the styling that the original author used on their site, thus if they have included images, they can create problems with the way the text is displayed, or just look odd. It would be nice if some basic inline styles were supported, meaning if the blogger wanted the image floated to the right hand side, I wish Bloglines would replicate this.

Other than that, if you read blogs, you might want to check out Bloglines. It is very easy to add sites to your account once you sign up, as you can add a bookmarklet link in your favourites that allow for easy adding. A very cool service, and it is free.

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