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CPU – Magazine Review

CPU MagazineCPU or Computer Power User is a magazine for people like myself who are interested in computer and technology. I find the magazine well formatted and the variety of articles just superb.

Some of their contributors include Chris Pirillo, and Rob Malda who are both more or less geek icons with their sites being well known. Chris Pirillo being a past television celebrity and Rob Malda being the creator of Slashdot.

The magazine reviews new technology, while informing readers from novice to advanced on what is happening with technology, specific companies, and software.

Unlike many computer magazines, I find that CPU actually is not as packed with advertisements, though no where near scientific, I would argue that there seems to be many more review and informational pages than certain other magazines that I have looked at in the same category.

CPU is competitively priced at $5.99 USD ($7.99 CDN), and while not including a disk full of demos any other such things, the amount of information packed in each issue and a good pricepoint make Computer Power User the computer publication to pick up.

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