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Dealing with Internet Meanies

LifeHacker has a great new article up called “How to deal with Internet Meanies” where they give some tips on dealing with the anger in an e-mail or other personal attack you might get as a public figure. It is slanted to the online world, but I believe the tips translate well into letters, phone conversations, or even face to face meetings.

Separate the hate from the message

After this publishes, I might receive an email that reads, “Hey asshat, way to waste my time with a stupid article that has no original information in it whatsoever. I wish you and your web site would drop dead, dry up and blow away.”

That message might sting a bit, but it also might contain something useful. If you’re getting a lot of angry, personal criticism about a particular point, try to strip away all the extraneous stuff and boil things down to the real issue. For instance, once I got over the name-calling and the death wish, I might ask myself: Was this article unoriginal? Could it have been more in-depth or relevant? If nothing else make a mental note of the core problem minus the meanness, learn from it and move on. Put your critics to good use instead of letting them make you feel bad.

Some other tips they give include stepping away from the computer to gain some perspective on the situation, as well as growing a thick skin because you can’t please everyone all the time. A very well thought out post that could almost be turned into a series on its own as we have to deal with the Internet Meanies and Real Life Meanies.

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