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East Smart : 7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

“Percent of noninstitutionalized US adults age 20 years and over who are overweight or obese: 66.3%” – CDC USA

Now that is one scary statistic.

If you belong to the above demographic, it’s time to do something about it. While I’ve written about fitness and running in previous posts, here are some tips from Lifehack about eating right, and getting a good diet.

When at Home:

  • Take time to “eyeball” the serving sizes of your favorite foods (using some of the models listed above).
  • Measure out single servings onto your plates and bowls, and remember what they look like.
  • Serve up plates with appropriate portions in the kitchen, and don’t go back for seconds.
  • Never eat snacks out of the bag.

When Dining Out:

  • Ask for half or smaller portions.
  • Set the rest aside that which is more than a portion and ask for a take home bag.
  • If you order dessert, share it.

Enjoy your food. Eat smart, and you have much less to worry about the next time you step on a scale :)


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