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GQ – Magazine Review

GQ Men's Style MagazineGQ is a must-have, if you are to consider yourself a proper gentleman. The fashion previews are excellently photographed, and columns like “The Style Guy” give the average Joe access to practical fashion tips. Although most of the featured clothes are very expensive, GQ also features tips on where to find these designer pieces at lower prices. Several fashion articles and advertisements grace the pages of this magazine, showcasing the latest trends in men’s clothing.

Don’t get me wrong – GQ is definitely more than a fashion magazine. Their monthly investigative features make for interesting reading, and they give a dark spin to modern American life. There are also fiction and non-fiction pieces written by up and coming writers, which just goes to show that this magazine has more depth than its counterparts.

GQ also features articles on different aspects of living. Alan Richman’s food and wine columns should not be missed, and the monthly book and CD recommendations are also worth looking into. Their regular Q&A sex column “Dr. Sooth: Straight Advice for the Horizontally Inclined” gives an amusing peek at the sexuality concerns of the modern man, giving us someone to turn to when we need sex advice that we can’t get from our buddies.

Throughout the years, this magazine has delivered class and humor with just the right amount of sophistication. While we currently live in an age of casual jeans and t-shirts, GQ definitely proves that there’s still room for elegance.

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