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How to Act During Your Office Party

In step with the holiday season, office parties will be going into full swing! Of course, office parties are often a double edged sword, and offers as many pitfalls as it does opportunities. offers up some helpful office holiday party etiquette which should help you navigate your company event successfully. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Eat, drink and be merry — in moderation. If you choose to drink, do so minimally.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion. You’ve worked hard to create a professional image, and revealing clothes can alter your coworkers’ and manager’s perception of you as a competent professional.
  • Your company party may be the only time you see the president, CEO or VPs in person. Introduce yourself.
  • Find out who can come to the event. Spouses and significant others are not always on the guest list.
  • If you’ve been a star performer in your organization this year, you may be honored with a toast. Accept the honor gracefully, but don’t drink to yourself or clap when others are applauding you.
  • Pay attention to the time you arrive and when you leave. Even if you don’t really want to attend, avoid arriving 20 minutes before the end just to make an appearance.
  • Be sure to thank those who coordinated the party. They likely put in a great deal of effort hoping you would have a good time.

What are your top tips for living it up at your coming company party?


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