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How to Hire a Caterer

Getting a good caterer may be the difference between a succesful event, or one where people remember it for it’s bad food. The Star newspaper has some excellent tips for choosing your caterer.

The search begins even before you have plans – If you attend an event and like the food – try to get the number from the organiser as soon as you can.

Run with your budget - Good caterers work wonders with limited budgets. Tell the caterer up front what you are willling to pay, then ask for a sample menu to ensure it is in line with whatever you envisioned.

Review the venue with your caterer - A good caterer will want to have a look at the event location beforehand so they can plan on where guests will mingle and dine. Setup area is crucial to make sure your guests are comfortable, and yet have easy access to food.

An extra tip here would be to check with the guests that are coming if they have any diet restrictions. Some caterers will provide a few vegetarian meals at no extra charge and a few extra regular meals in case of unexpected guests.


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