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How to Leave an Effective Voicemail

Leaving an effective voice message is an important part of conducting business. Failing to do so may result in your call not being returned, or even worse, annoying the other party.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough on how to give an effective voicemail:

  1. Say your name when you pick it up. Don’t assume the other party knows who you are. The receiver should be spending their time listening closely to your message, not trying to figure out your identity.
  2. Leave your contact details. Speak slowly and clearly when you do so, as numbers are easy to mix up especially on a bad line. Also leaving your number at the beginning of your voice mail makes it easy for the receiver to take your number down if they repeat the message, rather than making them go through the entire voicemail just to get your contact.
  3. State the purpose of your call right after that. Don’t bother giving a background first. As voicemails are one way communication, keep it simple. Go into the details if you need to, but keep it short.
  4. Leave your name and number again. If the receiver already has a pen and paper ready, then can take down your details without having to repeat the call.

It’s just a simple 4 step process, but it gets the job done in an efficient, and effective manner.


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