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How To Talk Your Way Out of a Speeding Ticket

Picture this… You’re going to be late for the most important presentation of your life. You blaze across the highway and everything seems to be going well. Until of course, you see the flashing blue lights in the background and the ominous sound of a siren. What are you going to do next?

Lifehacker provides a useful way to get out of speeding tickets (without bribing) of course.

  1. Get your attitude right
  2. Turn your car off, and turn the interior lights of your car on
  3. Be very polite and do exactly what the nice cop with the big gun says
  4. Once the officer has gotten your information, ask him politely if you may speak to him about your violation
  5. Ask to see the radar then ask a few questions
  6. Plea your case
  7. Leave the scene as a non-memorable, nice person

And of course… drive slower next time round :)


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