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Keep Tabs on Blogging Ideas

There is no secret in the fact that bloggers, have ideas. It is also no secret, especially for those of us who blog, that these ideas typically come to mind at the worst possible times. Personally, I know there are times when I would get a fabulous idea for an article and have no where to record the concept.

There are so many technological break-throughs that someone has to have a device, application or suite of scripts to help collect, organize and record these mid-day ideas. However, you can stay organized and remember your thoughts without spending six hundred dollars on a windows mobile driven pda or digital recorder.

Most everybody carries a cell phone or some type of mobile communication device, be it a phone, sidekick or blackberry. These devices typically have a build in application, we contributors here at lifespy call, the notepad! However, it does not just have to referred to as the notepad.

Here are a few ideas for recording ideas while out and about:

Text Message (SMS): Almost everyone with a cellular telephone has the ability to send a text message. These text messages are pretty affordable now-a-days too. Send yourself a text message with the subject of your new blogging idea. Perhaps send a text message to a co-author or contributor, they can always remind you later.

Email from Phone: Most mobile telephone providers give their users an assigned email address associated with their mobile phone number. If you have the ability to send email messages from your cell phone to another email address, do it! Setup a gmail, hotmail, or whatever-mail web-based account you prefer and use it strictly for the purpose of keeping ideas. Compose a simple email message and email it to yourself to record the idea for later.

Numerous websites such as flickr already utilize features such as this for allowing users to upload photographs while on the move.

Old School Notebook: When all else fails, you could always keep a spiral or epoxy based bound notebook handy. Some people still prefer to write notes down. If you fit into this category of individuals, keep a notebook, write it down and fall back later to write your articles.

There are tons of ideas when it comes to storing ideas, pretty sure everyone has a different opinion. Some people prefer the notebook idea, some the text messages. As with anything in life, what works for one, may not work for another. Keep these ideas handy and come up with what works best for you, in your environment with your schedule.

But whatever you decide, let us know!


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