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Making Yourself Useful in the Workplace

Most employees aren’t utilized to the full capacity of their skill or potential. As a result, they tend to underachieve at work, and may lose their jobs in the process. Your job security is dependent on your contribution to the workplace – this is exactly why you should make your presence count. Here are some tips that will help you become more useful (and therefore indispensable) at work:

Take on extra tasks.

Usually, there’s a list of additional things that must be accomplished at work. These tasks often don’t fall under anyone’s job description. Instead of avoiding more work, tell your boss that you’re willing to get these tasks done to ensure that the office is running efficiently. Make sure that you select tasks that are valuable to the growth of the company. Sometimes, it’s also wiser to take in a series of small tasks rather than a huge project that requires a lot of time and energy that you currently don’t have. Assess whether you can complete these additional tasks, and then volunteer to take them on.

Groom or train a subordinate.

If you’re higher up on the company ladder, chances are you have people working under you. If you can find a worthy ‘successor’ in your department, go ahead and share tips and knowledge with that person. After all, you shouldn’t aim to stay in your position forever. This is especially helpful if you have to go on leave or on vacation, or if you suddenly have an overflow of work and you need to pass it on to someone else. As soon as your boss sees how well you’ve trained or groomed the people below you to do your job almost as efficiently as you do, you may soon be up for that promotion you’ve always wanted.

Never stop learning.

As soon as most people enter the corporate world, they stop learning about the field they’re in. It’s best to keep your knowledge base updated so that you always have something unique and fresh to offer in the workplace. Attend trade fairs, seminars, and workshops. Read the latest books, or simply keep yourself updated by reading the latest news on your field online. By constantly learning about news skills, perspectives, and facts, you can offer your acquired knowledge whenever it’s relevant or needed in the workplace.

Contributing in the office doesn’t necessarily require putting in more hours or landing the biggest accounts. These simple things will help you create a unique stamp in the workplace that will be irreplaceable. Whether these things lead to a promotion, a new career, or a raise in your paycheck, you will definitely be reaping well-deserved rewards.

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