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Meditate for 20 Minutes Each Day and Increase Your Productivity

Forget coffee or coke! Stress and tension will only get you so far when it comes to being productive; however, being relaxed and focused will really up your productivity levels.

A college principal that I know meditates for 20 minutes every morning.

“I started doing it to help me focus more as well as relax,” says Dr Margit Bukowski. “Sometimes I meditate before I leave for work. Other times I put the Do Not Disturb sign on my office door mid-morning and take a quick 20 minutes.”

Dr Bukowski says all you really need is a yoga mat and a Mp3 player with something suitable to listen to.

“I work with a tape I bought from my local yoga center,” Dr Bukowski says. “But if I forget my Mp3 player I lay down and do a series of breathing exercises to help me relax and then meditate, consciously relaxing the muscles in my body.”

Dr Bukowski has been meditating for over 6 months now.

“It’s really improved my working day. I think I work much more effectively now even though I felt a bit guilty in the beginning switching off the phone and closing my door mid-morning. I realise now how important it is to prioritise yourself.”

Dr Bukowski’s colleagues were so intrigued by their boss’s new lifestyle that they asked her to run a session for them. Since then the college has even started running small meditation groups for students.

“They get so stressed during the day, moving from class to class, coping with study and exam pressure, as well as all the other pressures of being a teenager. The meditation sessions are really popular.”

To help facilitate this the small independent college based in Stockholm, Sweden, has turned one of the college’s rooms into a quiet area with yoga mats and beanbags.

“I know some people think we’re being “alternative”,” says Dr Bukowski, “but I don’t care because I get less tension headaches than I used to and I’m able to work through the day more easily. Meditation has helped me to pace myself.”

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