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Never Check Email First or Last Thing Each Day

Never check your email first or last thing each day, reckons LifeDev, because it slows you down and affects the way you work.

I can see how useful adopting this tip would actually be because I tend to suffer from stacks of email each day! I also, like many people who work with a computer, tend to (over)check my mail “just in case” there’s a client or friend getting in touch.

The point that LifeDev makes that most strikes a chord, though, is that checking mail late at night can really cut down on your sleep: sometimes you forget just how vital it is to get the the right amount of rest, especially if you’re going to perform to the fullest of your capacity during the day.

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One Response to “Never Check Email First or Last Thing Each Day”

  • Thanks for the link love Jon! Good call on realizing the importance of sleep. It’ll make or break the next day, and it takes a while to really recover from one day of lost sleep.

    Thanks again!

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