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Speeding up Your Metabolism

lifetrackr has a great post about speeding up your metabolism. As I continue to try to lose some weight, articles like this are a great reminder and support for me.

One of the things lifetrackr says to try is to eat within 30 minutes of waking up from your night of sleep:

This will really fire up your metabolism for the day as your body is in starvation mode after the nights rest, this means it will be releasing all kinds of stress induced hormones like cortisol due to your blood sugar levels being low. Therefore it is important to re-fuel and get your bodies engines going again.

A perfect meal would be a small bowl of Oatmeal (made with skimmed milk) with a chopped banana on top. You should also eat this with a good source of protein, a boiled egg or a protein shake will do the job.

Check out other tips on lifetrackr.

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