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Spruce Up Your Resume

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. For most job applicants, your first impression would depend on the design of you resume. LifeClever has come up with a useful tutorial on how to soup it up with MS-Word.

Among the tips they provide in their tutorial is:

  1. Pick a better typeface - If you’re using Times New Roman, Word’s default typeface, change it now. Times doesn’t read well on-screen and lacks typographic subtleties such as non-lining numbers. Because it’s available on virtually all computers and designed to be readable on on-screen, try Georgia instead.
  2. Remove extra indentations Рreduce the number of indentations. Better yet, take them all out. While useful in outlines, too many indentations in a r̩sum̩ will cause your eyes to jump all over the page, destroying page harmony. The goal is to have all text align to each other.
  3. Make it easy to skim РTo make the r̩sum̩ skimmable, you have to create a distinct typographic hierarchy
  4. Apply typographic detailing – Space out text set in A L L C A P S

For a full blown step-by-step set of instructions, check out their turorial.


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