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Time Saving Software

Office life can get so busy that most people find themselves thinking, “I wish I could add more hours to my day.” While there’s nothing you can do about the length of your day, you can definitely optimize the hours you have by using timesaving software. It’s rare to find a tool that can save most of your working hours, but by saving a few minutes here and there, those “free” minutes can add up and give you more extra time than you’d expect.

An RSS Reader
If you’re an internet addict who constantly checks if your favorite websites have updated, an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader is a great way to get updates without the hassle. Most websites have an RSS feed that you can subscribe to. Once you subscribe, you no longer need to manually visit the site to check for updates. This is very helpful, especially if you visit more than a dozen sites a day.

You can use your web browser’s built in RSS feed reader, a service like Bloglines or you can download a program such as FeedReader or GreatNews to help you organize your RSS feeds.

A To-do List
If you have a long list of things to accomplish each day, week, or month, you can benefit from an automated to do list. Personally, I use ToDoList 4.8. It allows me to categorize the items on my list, set a priority rating for each, and input the percentage I’ve completed on each task. It also reminds you of tasks that are due for the day. There are similar to-do lists available such as ‘Cool Moon To Do List’ and ‘TreePad’.

Taskbar Shuffle
Despite all of its customizable features, Windows XP orders your taskbar items chronologically. This can be very confusing if you have multiple windows open and the taskbar items are disorganized. If you’re working on a proposal on Microsoft Word and you have your web browser windows open for research, you’d want those items to be next to each other on the taskbar for easy access. Taskbar Shuffle helps you do that. All you have to do is download the program, run it, and drag n’ drop your taskbar items according to the order you want.

Automation Tools
There’s a reason why technology is there – to help us automate repetitive tasks. Since I use a dial-up connection, I installed a program called AfterConnect that instantly loads all the programs and websites I normally load whenever I connect to the internet. This includes my RSS reader, web browsers, and email. A program called RoboTask does something similar – but it’s not limited to your internet use. RoboTask allows you to run automations based on customized conditions. If you normally shut down windows when all program windows are closed, RoboTask can automate it for you once it senses that there are no active program windows. It saves you a lot of time, especially when you’re too confused or too tired to think of what you should be doing next.

Regardless of which timesaving software you use, the key is to automate as many tasks as you can. When you use different programs to keep your computing life organized, you can definitely free up some of your working time for the more important things in life.

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