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Top 10 Running Tips

Running is a great way to lose weight, and there’s nothing like a little competition to make your exercise a little more fun and varied. Of course, good technique is important. Running without proper technique is like trying to drive with a flat tire.

Trialathlon rules has a 10 tips to get you started on this, and here’s a summary to get started. Drop by at their site for the full details.

  1. Keep your head up. (Not looking at the sky up).
  2. Watch your arms. A huge mistake even among experienced runners is bad arm form.
  3. Think/talk to yourself and others. Find reasons to keep going.
  4. Run your own race. While you can use your watch as motivation , listening to your body is more important.
  5. Take care of injuries and don’t press yourself to run injured.
  6. Join a local running group.
  7. Do speed work, since it will teach you to run faster.
  8. Don’t run in the dark, especially if you run alone.
  9. Don’t run your hardest every day.
  10. When running land of the middle part of your foot

So get your style in order, have fun, and go running!


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