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Training Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is an extremely powerful mechanism. Each individual has an unique perspective and opinion on what success means to them. If properly trained, utilized and enacted; subconscious thoughts achieve success.

In my previous article I enlightened you on how extremely important goal-setting is. In an effort to elaborate on these details I am going to infuse your brain with something in a slightly different direction. How to maintain the mindset to achieve success.

Entirely understanding how much strength ones subconscious thoughts hold, you must first realize that there is no truth behind the term, “coincidence.” Basically, nothing in life occurs just by chance or out of luck. Absolutely nothing is predestined; you hold the power and tools to control your lifes outcome, both success and failure.

Incidents and occurances occur as a reaction or reason behind one another. The statement, “everything happens for a reason,” however, is true. The reason behind you winning four-hundred and sixty one million dollars in your local statewide lottery is because you took the initiative to purchase a lottery voucher. That ticket held the key to your current success. Therefore, you achieved success and reached your goal.

Though, there is no discouraging to the fact that individuals, at least those of us of the homo sapien race, are able to, at all times acquire everything he or she desires, however, it is true that we can utilize our subconscious power to overcome situations and events and cause them to move into the desire direction, more often than not.

It is important to remember that you subconscious thoughts are derived from your beliefs, actions and effects of situations occuring around you. Once a standard belief is drilled into your head, it becomes available via your subconscious, anytime a scenario requiring that belief occurs. For example, you believe a specific car manufacturer is unreliable, partly due to personal experiences with that brand and the fact that you have only heard negative rumors about their vehicles.

Hypothetically, this specific manufacturer makes a technological break-through with their vehicles and has a super-standard for driving performance. They are guarenteeing their automobiles will out-perform all others, yet you still believe they are horrible and unreliable means of transportation. This is because your subconscious is telling you so.

You have become so set in your methods and beliefs that you automatically develop thoughts around your subconscious. Once you have negativity surrounding a topic, extreme difficulty can be experienced when trying to remove it.

In terms of blogging, starting a blog can be extremely time consuming and difficult. It requires enormous amounts of attention and planning. Through your previous attempts you beliefe you have failed. However, with those thoughts and beliefs you will begin to imagine you will always fail in terms of your blogging endeavors.

Therefore, be courteous to yourself and your subconscious. Remember that your actions, thoughts and believes have an enormous effect on success. Always worrying about specific subjects such as money, fitness, not enough content on your blog or a lack of visitors will force you to believe you will never be healthy enough, wealthy enough or obtain the statistics to prove your blog is popular.

Set realistic goals and once accomplished, reward yourself. Kick back in your easy chair, pour your favorite beverage, be it cold tea or hot coffee and relax. Illuminate your thoughts with positive thoughts of how easy and stress free your goal has become. Ensure you spend enough time patting yourself on the back that your subconscious remembers its benefits for succeeding.

Every goal, small or large is just another step in the direction that you want to take. Everyone loves to succeed.. always!

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