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What To Look For In a Site Meter

Knowing your readers, and what they like is essential if you want to customise your blog content to their needs. One of the best indicators of what works and what doesn’t is of course – by tracking page traffic. To do this you have to pick one of the many many site metric trackers out there. What should you look for in one? Here is a summary of a comprehensive list of factors to look for.

  1. How fast does it load?
  2. What metrics does it track?
  3. What stats can you make public?
  4. Is the service reliable?
  5. How often does your stats update?
  6. Does it display results in a user friendly manner?
  7. How many visitor details does it allow you to track?
  8. Can I customise the design of the metrics?
  9. Are there widgets/feeds available for it?
  10. How easy is it to setup and install?

Take these factors into consideration and you’re on your way to selecting a sitemeter which fits your needs best.


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