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10 Rules of Dieting

Diet Time

Sounds like another set of those know-it-all heuristics. Hehehe. Well, pardon me, if I post these ten rules. Many other people would have a different set of these so-called rules of dieting. But at least for now (until we decide to expand these rules), here are our ten rules of dieting.

People diet for plenty of reason. Some alter their diet for weight-loss, some for weight gain. Here are some rules on helping dieters to stick to theirs.

  1. Crash diets don’t work. Remember that it takes patience and effort in eating and living healthy and exercise to really shave-off pounds.
  2. Think and see yourself as a fit person. This way, you can ease off the pressure of losing weight and concentrate on eating healthy.
  3. Keep a food diary. Knowing how much calories you take in will remind you of moderation. It also prevents you from cheating. Numbers don’t lie.
  4. Plan your meals. This way, you can also anticipate your calorie intake too.
  5. Chew slowly. Not does this psychologically conditions you to think you’re eating hearty helping but it also converts starch to burnable sugar.
  6. Avoid fastfood places and restaurants.
  7. When in the grocery, look for lite or fat-free variants. These can help save you calorie points.
  8. Avoid second helpings like the plague. Just put the right amount of food on your plate. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  9. Eat with no distractions. Eating while doing something can take your concentration off the food. You might just end up eating more.
  10. Schedule your indulgence. If you can’t live without eating a strawberry sundae, don’t depreive yourself of it. Just put it somewhere in your meal plan and schedule it for your daily calorie intake.

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