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10 Tips for an Effective Business Letter

Business letters are quite effective in getting points across. It also serves different purposes depending on the reasons behind the writing. In any case, writing a good one is common across these purposes so better beef up your writing skills when writing one.

Here’s a follow-up to my tips on planning a letter or a memo. Here are ten tips for an effective business letter.

  • Be sure to know the key person to address and address that person.
  • Be courteous and maintain a polite tone.
  • Know what your purpose is and state it in the letter.
  • State your appreciation of the reader’s interest and concern.
  • Conclude with the same polite tone.
  • Proofread. Any typos or grammar lapses spell unprofessional.
  • Sign your letter. It means that it’s official.
  • Identify everyone who’d be receiving a copy using c. (for a single co-recepient) or cc. (for multiple entities).
  • Be consistent with your formatting. And be sure to print it out nice and neat with the company letterhead.
  • Keep it brief and concise. Business people (like you) are always busy.

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