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3 Reasons to Go Green


I wonder why we end up writing these manbearpig posts. Climate change is natural. One moment the sun is perfect, the next thing you know, a violent storm is coming up. Of course Mother Nature has always been unpredictable despite man’s immense research to fully grasp it. Yet perhaps it is time to acknowledge that the threat of global warming, for instance, could be more than just natural, and could actually be man-made. With the rapid advancements of today’s modern living, is it not timely to ask oneself whether or not man has indeed changed life for the better, or unknowingly for the worst?

Air pollution. How is the world to manage the magnitude of man’s garbage? Air pollution has become a very serious threat to many cities. With foul air, how can a city ensure its people’s health?

Water shortage. It’s common to have the water running whenever we brush our teeth, or shower, right? But did you know that 40 percent of the world’s population do not have enough water for their everyday needs? In some parts of the world, water has been contaminated rendering it unsafe to drink. Can you imagine how these people can live with this condition?

Warmer ocean temperature. The Great Barrier Reef has been bleached by El NiƱo in 1998. When the ocean’s temperature becomes a bit too warm for the corals, these wonders of the sea die. This leads to an imbalanced aquatic life where polyps and algae depend on corals to survive.

These are but a few of the global issues that should compel you to do your part to save your world. It is time to worry and to act.


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4 Responses to “3 Reasons to Go Green”

  • Diana Smith says:

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  • Paige Schokker says:

    Thanx this info has really helped me with my assignment and i wish that u should make a bigger article than this to make sure people get the piont of being green

  • Timothy De Guzman says:

    I’m using this site. This imformation is helpful. If we don’t stop poluting then who would?

  • Yasmine Bashir says:

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