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3 Things that You Can Do to Tidy Up Your Home

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So it’s still summer and bumming around seems to be the best idea. While you’re dozing off or just getting a tan at the deck, your house is probably accumulating clutter as you . The time you spend around the house can be more productive if you spend less time in front of the TV and more on helping on the general housekeeping. Don’t wait until someone else nags you into doing some chores. You have to do your part!

Clean. You can start with your own room. Look around and ask yourself. “Which of these things ought to be disposed of? Answer: old toys, and tons of other old stuff. You might want to hand down your dolls to your younger cousins. Having these things lying around the house only result in clutter. You can have a garage sale where you can sell your old books, and old clothes. You can even ask your family members to donate their old stuff so you’ll have more to sell!

Recycle/re-use. Categorize your mess into recyclables and non-recyclables. This way, you’ll see what you can re-use in the end of your cleaning. You might find there’s no need to buy an expensive container when you have a nice basket that only needs a bit of cleaning. Think of creative ways to turn your junk to functional implements.

Organize. Always forgetting where you put the safety pins, needles, screws and hairpins? These tiny tools are best kept on a small tin box so that they don’t lie all over the place. Besides, these could be dangerous when kids get their hands on them.


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