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3 Tips on Decorate Your Lawn by Yourself

Plastic Flamingo

I’m a lawn kind of guy. When I’ll be hunting for a home (when it’s time for me to settle down), I’d probably opt for a piece of real estate that has a lawn. Not necessarily a sprawling one but just a nice patch of green where children and pets could run about. However, getting a spiffy landscaped lawn would cost a fortune but it doesn’t really have to be that way. You can always try to decorate your lawn and I don’t mean putting a plastic lawn flamingos. Here are some tips on using inexpensive things to decorate your lawn.

Rocks. Yes, rocks. If you have some lying around the house, try using them to decorate your lawn. Large ones can be placed strategically to create accents on your lawn. Small ones can be used to line your path or walkway. You can even line plant beds with them as accents.

Plants If you don’t have a green thumb and time to garden, plating can be an added chore. But plants simply beautify your lawn, providing it with color and contrast rather than just having a bland grass patch. You really don’t have to put too much time gardening, just take some cue from your locale. Chances are, your area is their habitat and they’d do well without too much of your care and attention.

Animals Placing a decent bird feeder will attract some of them chirpers and critters to your lawn. They do add some activity to an otherwise stagnant atmosphere.

Keep it green. Your decorations will only work if you can keep it lush and green. Water it often and aerate your lawn to keep the soil rich.

If all else fails, just stick one of them pink flamingos or a garden gnome perhaps.


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