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3 Tips on Fighting Home Clutter


Transform your house into a home instantly without spending anything. Taking time to clean and decorate the place where you live can make your life less messy, too. Admit it, you have always had the urge to do some general cleaning, but the problem is, you don’t know where to start so you only end up tired and frustrated. But now we tell you how you can come home to a lovely space with our helpful tips!

Recycle. Determine which stuff in your house are better off as garbage. Unused boxes, papers, and plastics only clutter the room so think of a better way to reuse them. You can either donate recyclables to organizations which accept such things or, you can reuse them yourself. There is a lot of crafting you can make with used materials, like papier-mâché.

Categorize and organize. You know your house is a mess when you can’t find what you need. The screwdriver was supposed to be in the drawer but it’s not there when you looked. What is it doing under the bed? You should organize your stuff because this makes it easier for you to find things when you need them.

Put things back after use. Why fold the blanket when you’re using it tonight again, right? Wrong. Laziness and disregard for such simple order creates a huge general mess later on. It’s the same mess as when you leave your books on the table until they pile up. Try to put things back after you use them and you’ll notice how this little habit will save you from a lot of cleaning when little mess finally becomes too messy.


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3 Responses to “3 Tips on Fighting Home Clutter”

  • Thanks for the ideas. For me the biggest help was in addressing the root cause of clutter: Deferred (or postponed) decision-making. Adopting a self-management method like “Getting Things Done” helped me tremendously. (In fact I quit my steady job of 15 years to personal productivity consulting.)

  • Shawn says:

    These are the best and most basic rules for organization. Thanks!

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