3 Tips to Roll in More Cash


Last week we gave you this guide on how to make money, this one’s more of a summary. Looking for ways to earn more money? Aren’t we all? Bumming around feels OK until you realize that you’re broke. Maybe it’s about time you think of ingenious ideas to earn so that you can start saving up for your future.

Think of savings. Think grown-up piggy bank. Remember how having that piggy-bank when you were little helped you buy candies? Well, working on your savings can give you the motivation to spend less and save more. Open a bank account and check out banks which have the highest interest rates. You’ll earn cash while the bank protects your money. A good way to keep money, don’t you think?

Diversify your income. Sell. It doesn’t have to be a merchandise but it has to be something people will be willing to pay for. Got spare time? Maybe you can work part-time in the village library on weekend afternoons or maybe you know someone who’d pay you for taking their kids to the park. You’d be surprised to discover that your neighbors require services you can easily offer. Small businesses in your neighborhood might need a bit of help and you can spend your weekends earning cash rather than just watching TV all day.

Spend less. Really, spend less. Maybe the reason you’re broke is not because your earnings are low, but because you’re spending more than you can afford. You have to compute how much you can spend to live comfortably with your income. You have to allocate a part of your paycheck to savings. This way, you’ll always have ready cash for emergencies, and not when you want expensive new heels. Sure, everyone deserves a little luxury sometimes. But you should make sure that little luxury is not everyday luxury. Practice moderation and you’ll find you have more to deposit the next time you visit the bank.