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5 Steps towards a Clean and Orderly Home


A home’s orderliness and cleanliness contributes to every dweller’s state of mind. So a messy and cluttered home can really stress you out. So here are some tips on keeping you home clean and orderly. Remember, your home is a sanctuary and not an asylum.

  • Remove all the things that you don’t use or need.

    Put up a garage sale. Sell the stuff to thrift shops. Donate them to charity. Set up an auction. What ever you do, just get rid of them! Unwanted and unneeded gear has no value and they only add up to the things that you have to clean.

  • Repair every leaky faucet.

    Sure, the job would take probably half of your Saturday, or two hours of your basketball game (well, that depends on your plumbing abilities). But remember, if you add up the time it would take to constantly mop the bathroom floor, or to empty buckets of water from beneath the kitchen sink, half a day is not bad at all!

  • Adjust shelf-space according to your needs.

    What good are shelves if you can’t store anything in them just because they’re too low or too high for your reach? Shelves are for storage and not for catching dust.

  • Be sure you have enough towel racks and clothes bins.

    No more shouting in the morning at your spouse and kids for leaving wet towels and pjs on the floor. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee as they put away their soiled clothes properly.

  • Make sure your vacuum and other cleaning tools are working perfectly.

    Even more stuff to clean if your vacuum explodes dust on you and your furniture. Tsk!


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2 Responses to “5 Steps towards a Clean and Orderly Home”

  • L B V PRASAD says:

    THERE IS PLACE FOR EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN ITS PLACE is the only magic formula for keeping a house neat.

    Also -dirt /soil cleaning with a good detergent & disposable wipes is a daily must & not weekly ritual.

    Also -pls don’t forget the dustbin.Most important & friendly thing for cleanliness.

    Best regards/prasad lbv

  • Berry Dean says:

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