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5 Tips to Remove Attic Clutter


Ever visited your attic lately? The haven of dust, insulation lint, assorted junk, and a whole lot of family memorabilia. In most cases, attics are virtual graveyards for the broken and forgotten. Much like your garage, it can also be the best real estate for clutter. So why not reclaim space (to add more clutter later on) by organizing your attic.

Get rid of stuff. There’s no use holding on to those broken items that are beyond any repair at all. Send them to the recycling center.

Sell your stuff. We can’t emphasize this enough. Novelty is very much like vanity in a sense that it sells. Believe it or not that saying one man’s garbage is another’s fortune is quite true. Find some cheesy memorabilia from some time parallel (like the 70s) and then sell it on eBay. Less junk, more money for you.

Assign family members their own space. People will always be shelving things that don’t interest them anymore. But sentimental value trumps practicality. Divide the attic among family members so that each can be responsible for their own clutter. These can simply just be labeled boxes. Doing this can also minimize hassles when it’s time to resurrect something.

Use wall hooks or wall pegs. These would be extremely handy for those old tennis rackets, hockey sticks, and fishing poles.

Use shelves. Aimlessly storing items in the most convenient empty space in the attic. Be a pack rat and use some shelves to organize boxes and other items.


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