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5 Ways to Enjoy Music Without Hurting Your Ears


Our hearing may be the most under-appreciated sense second only to sight. While technology has made it possible for us to enjoy audio-visual forms of entertainment (with all the new surround sound gadgets out there), you must still take care not to hurt your ears.

  1. If you’ve got children who are learning instruments (or teens in wannabe bands) give them a place to practice so that they can play without disturbing the rest of the household. I play the guitar and I know how loud a mere 10-watt amplifier can make inside a very domesticated house.
  2. When using headsets or earphones, keep the volume low. Quick loudness guide is to ask someone if they could already hear what coming our of your headset. If they do, then that means your volume’s loud enough to damage your hearing.
  3. Opt to have speakers tuned to a tolerable volume rather than headsets with your computer, especially if you prefer to work with music. Using headsets the whole day can also damage your hearing,
  4. If you’re going out to enjoy concerts, bring some earplugs. Chances are, the speakers will be blaring to loud to damage your ears. Musicians, especially drummers, themselves have earplugs and use them. Avoid sitting near the speakers at a concert.
  5. As for car stereos, just put the volume loud enough so that you can still carry on an actual conversation inside the car. Remember, with the windows rolled up, you’re practically trapping in sound.

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