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5 Ways to Take Control of Vista

At least Microsoft still gives users a bit of leeway in terms of customizing Vista to one’s own liking. Here’s a great article on how to give Vista (for all you Vista users out there) a personal touch. I know Vista’s tight security is making life a bit frustrating even for admins so take a look at some of these customizable things inside Microsoft’s latest OS:

  • Customize your Sidebar and Gadgets – Yeah, so Microsoft ripped off the Mac concept of Widgets. At least you get to customize these things to your own preference and use. Microsoft’s tying-up with a wide-array of other providers to somehow mash-up some services as gadgets in your sidebar. They’ve got Sports Illustrated, CNNMoney and Instyle.
  • Beef-up your security – So Microsoft says Vista is its most secure OS yet. But to all of us who have been using Microsoft for a very long time, we know Bill’s word isn’t enough. Good thing we now have free alternatives to Norton and McAfee with anti-viruses like Avast and AVG.
  • Change file and folder defaults – So Bill’s guys have kept system files out of sight including file extensions. From a window, go to View -> Folder Options -> Files and Folders -> Advanced settings and go fiddle with those hide/show hidden system files and folders and file extensions options.
  • Use USB flash to speed Vista up – This is a great feature call ReadyBoost. It allows you to use your USB flash drive to load commonly used files. This is much faster than getting the information from your hard drive. Sort of USB RAM to boost your PC’s performance.
  • Colors, transparencies and whatnots – There’s nothing more personal than having your own color schemes and wallpapers. Plus you can also set transparencies to windows to give you that Aero experience Vista is bragging about. You’ll be spending most of the time staring at your computer anyway so better adjust it to your liking.

Source: Computerworld


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