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A Little Revenge for Postal Junk Mail

Mail Box

Nope, not spam. The old traditional junk mail you get in the mailbox. Getting a heap of unsolicited mail in your postal mailbox can be really irritating, especially when you’re just happy that your mailbox flag’s up. In the years of lore, it means that someone thought of you and sent you a friendly mail or a postcard. Today, it would either be the bills or just some junk mail.

How about some getting back at those unscrupulous companies who send you crap that you don’t want at all. Writing them or calling them up and politely asking them to remove you from their list seldom works.

Here’s an idea I picked up from a friend. You can do this little trick if you get an enveloped marked “postage paid.” To get back at those mailer companies, he collects all the junk mail he received from that company and sends them back in that envelope. The company actually spent money only to get their junk back. If the company has some real sense in them, they’d cut their losses short and stop sending you junk mail. Haha.

For in-depth information on how to get yourself off of these junk mailer’s list, visit this site here from Privacy Rights.


6 Responses to “A Little Revenge for Postal Junk Mail”

  • Ramsey Fahel says:

    Do Not Mail Opt-Out Law would be fair to everyone.

    The proposed recent “Do not mail” is an Opt-Out law. Only those not desiring advertising mail need opt-out. Anyone desiring advertising mail can do nothing – and continue to receive it. Why deny those wishing to avoid advertising mail the power to do so?

    I do not consider handling unwanted advertising placed against my will on my personal property to be a civic obligation!

    The US Supreme Court said in the Rowan case in 1970, ““In today’s [1970] complex society we are inescapably captive audiences for many purposes, but a sufficient measure of individual autonomy must survive to permit every householder to exercise control over unwanted mail. To make the householder the exclusive and final judge of what will cross his threshold undoubtedly has the effect of impeding the flow of ideas, information, and arguments that, ideally, he should receive and consider. Today’s merchandising methods, the plethora of mass mailings subsidized by low postal rates, and the growth of the sale of large mailing lists as an industry in itself have changed the mailman from a carrier of primarily private communications, as he was in a more leisurely day, and have made him an adjunct of the mass mailer who sends unsolicited and often unwanted mail into every home. It places no strain on the doctrine of judicial notice to observe that whether measured by pieces or pounds, Everyman’s mail today is made up overwhelmingly of material he did not seek from persons he does not know. And all too often it is matter he finds offensive.”

    Furthermore, the Supreme Court said, “the mailer’s right to communicate is circumscribed only by an affirmative act of the addressee giving notice that he wishes no further mailings from that mailer.

    To hold less would tend to license a form of trespass and would make hardly more sense than to say that a radio or television viewer may not twist the dial to cut off an offensive or boring communication and thus bar its entering his home. Nothing in the Constitution compels us to listen to or view any unwanted communication, whatever its merit; we see no basis for according the printed word or pictures a different or more preferred status because they are sent by mail.”

    We need a nationwide “Do Not Mail” law to create a one-stop, convenient place for homeowners to give senders the aforementioned affirmative notice that we do not want certain kinds of mail sent to our homes.

    Ramsey A Fahel

  • Alex says:

    Wow. Thanks for the lengthy supplement, Ramsey!

  • What I do with junk mail is just refuse to accept it and give it back to the Post Office. Let them worry about getting rid of it. Maybe if enough people do it, somebody somewhere will take notice.

  • Allison says:

    I’m glad to see that others are also annoyed with useless junk mail, that not only clutters my mail box but wastes trees! Unlist Assist is a company that will do all the work for you. They will remove your name from major online databases and directories for 3 years.

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