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Be a Responsible Citizen


Look out your window and what do you see? You see school buses filled with kids, lovers taking an afternoon stroll, and old people doing tai chi on the local park. This is your community. Ever took the time to appreciate how you like living in your village, all your friendly neighbors? Good communities arise out of good denizens. If you can be a person who cares for her community, you can encourage your neighbors to be compassionate, too. Remember, a community is vital in a person’s growth and comfort.

Can you think of reasons why you should be an active member of your community? We’ll give you hints.

For your children. Are you ever bothered by the escalating crime rates in other communities? As a parent, you know that a safe community is one of your top priorities. When you go off to work you want to be assured that you have left your child in a good and safe place. It’s always hard for a parent to entrust their children to other people. But living in a community which is child-friendly is always a good place to start.

For yourself. You know how important it is — knowing that the members of your family is exposed to a healthy environment and good people. There are some local organizations encouraging you to actively participate in community-building activities and you should take advantage of this. Be involved in the activities which aim to make your community even more progressive and livable.


3 Responses to “Be a Responsible Citizen”

  • Jenna says:

    thank you fot this post it really meant alot to me
    i can finally show my children how to be an active child

  • Jenna says:

    i just got back from work and read that comment, whos is it:S
    someone definally hacked my computer i havent been on all dayy

    so whoeveres trying to take my email and name STOP IT NOWWWWWWW AHHHHH IM CRAZY

  • kjf aj says:

    Its not cool!!!
    I didnt even read it all!!

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