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Christmas Crunch: Gift Ideas for Everyone

Christmas Presents

You still don’t have a gift for your kids, friends and loved ones? Don’t worry, there are a lot of us out there. I mean who has time to actually try to figure out a gift list for people, right? Yes, and we always have excuses. Anyway, here are a few gift ideas that might help you in finding a simple gift. Probably just to bail you out for not being called the miserly Scrooge for the rest of next year.

It’s always easy to just rush out and just buy stuff of the shelf. Some of these gift ideas aren’t even that expensive at all. You’d be surprised at some of the gifts that you can actually make in a breeze without having to spend much.

For the kids

  • A storybook
  • Or a recording of their favorite story (read by you)
  • A board game
  • A puzzle set
  • A sticker book
  • A chemistry lab set

For teens

  • The latest CD of their favorite artists
  • A gift certificate to their favorite shop in the mall (maybe just about everyone digs this)
  • A waiver for a night out with friends
  • A certificate for one sleepover party
  • A certificate for a day’s use of the car with free gas
  • A set of 10 waivers for house chores for the year

For the mate

  • A subscription to a magazine or a book
  • A gift certificate for a spa session
  • A certificate for a chore-free weekend

For friends

  • A batch of your killer cookies with the recipe (or any dish that you can cook well)
  • An album with copies of photographs that include your friend
  • Anything related to his/her hobby

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