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Coping with Body Pains


Every now and then you stumble on your own feet and fall face down – ouch! Remember the time when a baseball hit you smack on the face? Pain is a part of life. Worrisome, we know..but that’s the truth. Rarely a day starts and ends without experiencing any pain in the body. It’s a physical sign that our body’s not well.

Maybe you’re getting used to it, or maybe your backache becomes feels more severe the moment you start whining over it. But whichever way you deal with it, pain is not something to be ignored. It should be dealt with in ways where your body will not be in any real and permanent health danger.

Usually pain just happens when it’s not really implying a serious illness. When out of the blue you suddenly felt a pang of pain somewhere in the body, don’t get agitated that you may be developing an injury.

Sure you know which OTC drug to buy the moment your head hurts, but remember that you don’t always have to take in medicine. Simple as it is, taking your mind off the pain sometimes works big time. Don’t always rush taking in pain relievers just yet. But instead wait for the pain to subside.

Study how your body reacts to pain. Although the best authority on your body is your physician, you can always determine when there’s something wrong with your body. You can help your body avoid pain by eating right and avoiding too stressful work.


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