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De-Stressing After the Holiday Crunch


Planning a perfect family Christmas dinner is exciting. So is preparing the house for the guests, sending out greeting cards, and making that fruitcake everyone loves. But after you close the door to your last guest, what comes next is a big snowballing reality of stress that may bog you down even before the New Year reels in. Get over the holidays’ stress now.

Choose your chores. You’re hardworking and industrious.. but that doesn’t mean you should do all the housework. If you’d rather do the cooking, declare that you are the chef and that everyone else will just have to do the cleaning and the wrapping of presents. This way, you get to do what you like, so you won’t feel as tired.

Have gifts for everyone. Prepare small tokens for family and friends who might unexpectedly drop by for a present. Every year there’s always at least one relative you forgot when you were shopping. Instead of giving them cash (because that’s what you have ready), why not buy a dozen jar of cookies or a few bottles of wines so you’ll have backup gifts — so that people you’ve forgotten won’t know they’ve been, well, forgotten.

Invite only guests you like. Admit it, there’s that one person who keeps coming to your party every year whom you don’t even like that much. This year, why not invite only guests you really want to have dinner with? Limit your guest list to people you really care about. You save food, gifts, and also yourself.

Visit the spa. Treat yourself for getting to deal with the holiday crunch and visit a spa. Get a massage. Warm yourself in a sauna. Lounge in a jacuzzi. Just get rid of that pent up stress.

Spend more time in bed. Recover from the past night’s festivities by spending just a few more hours in warm and cozy in bed. Treat yourself to a warm cup of joe or chocolate when you wake up.


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