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Develop a New and More Responsible You

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So you’ve decided to say goodbye to your days when you were everyone’s problem, huh? Changing your bad ways to good sounds promising especially when you realize that there’s so much you can achieve if you only start paying attention. Here are some ideas on how you could take on life by developing a new and better you.

The first step towards being responsible is practicing discipline. Make sure you don’t over-indulge in your luxuries and pleasures. When you’re out shopping, for example, make sure you follow your budget and don’t overspend. When you are eating, make sure you’re following your diet.

Learn how to cope. Problems will come inevitably. But the good thing about it is that it also goes away. All sorts of problems go away after some time. Pain is part of life. Learn how to deal with your problems. When something bad happens, reflect and allow it to add meaning to your life. Disappointment happens to everyone. The most important thing is not to be frustrated, but instead be more empowered and motivated towards your goals.

Know the importance of service. Even if your goal is to improve your life, don’t submit to selfishness. Accumulating material things and achieving your success is worthless if the only happy person about it is you. Widen your concerns and think about how you can also improve the lives of others. You can use what you have to render service to people who desperately need your help.


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3 Responses to “Develop a New and More Responsible You”

  • Chris Cade says:

    Of the things you mentioned, I think #3 has the greatest potential to promote self change. Especially because of the idea that we can’t give something we don’t have.

    So if we want to experience joy, then we should be a source of inspiration for somebody else to feel joy. It’s kind of like if somebody needs $100, we can only give them $100 if we have at least that much.

    What eventually happens is, the more we give the more we realize we already had within us.

  • Bryan says:

    Number three is profoundly true, but so often overlooked. Giving is receiving. Great lil article;0)

  • Ali says:

    good read!!

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