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Do You Want to Start a New Career?

Career Move

There comes a point in ones life when you ask yourself if what you’re doing right now is worth doing for the rest of your life. I bet we’ve all suffered from such a dilemma from time to time. We’ve probably heard of stories where a person trades a high-paying career for one that’s more in line with his/her interests.

In any case, shifting careers is something that can be decided on hastily. It takes careful introspection and thought to do this. These are life-changing ones, so better consider all angles in the process. Here are some things that might help you in your decision.

  • Acknowledge the feeling of discontent

    There’s a reason why you’re wanting to shift gears and usually it’s the feeling of discontent. Acknowledge this feeling. Find out what is causing this. Is it the pay? The workplace? Or perhaps it’s the line of work. It’s best to know the reasons behind these. Maybe you really love your career, there are just some other extraneous factors. Maybe the situation calls for a little change and not necessarily of a new career.

  • Know what you can do exceptionally well

    If you plan to start a new career, it’s best to harness your strengths. Career changes late in life can really be challenging. Remember, savvy comes only with experience. Are you prepared for the long haul of learning new tricks? Maybe you can harness on similar past experiences to aid you in a new career. So it seems to be best to find a new career where you can bank on your skills and savvy.

  • Know what you really love

    Success in any career needs a lot of passion. It’s that feeling that drives you to accomplish things. Perhaps one of the reasons you feel discontented in your current career is because your heart wasn’t there in the first place. Now that you’re shifting better start doing what you love. Life is to short to just waste time on things you’d eventually regret.

  • Know who will be affected

    Career changes are life changing decisions so you have to know who will probably be affected by your shift. It’s always best to talk about it with your wife and family to ensure that everyone’s okay with it. Knowing that you have to the full support of your family lends to a better state of mind.

  • Project for the future

    Don’t just jump in the bandwagon just because a career is hot nowadays. Some industries just come and go especially with how technology develops so fast. Ask yourself whether your planned new career is worth your stable career today.

  • Make a clean break

    Don’t think that because you’re changing careers you can already kick your current career to the curb. The world’s too small to make bad impressions. Don’t leave a bad taste in the mouth in the peers, colleagues and superiors in your current work. What goes around, comes around. You don’t want these bad things to haunt you in the near future.

In any case, if you’ve reached a decision, act now! There’s no better time to steer your life elsewhere than the present.


4 Responses to “Do You Want to Start a New Career?”

  • judyphill says:

    I swithched careers from copier sales to hotel sales. It’s the best thing I ever did and I am 44 years old. I like hotels because they are so nice and there lots of positive energy. was a very helpful site that made the switch easy.

    My only regret is that I waited so long to get started in the hotel sale business. Hospitality is a great career. Good look career changers.

  • kim says:

    does anyone know a site where you can order info packages on different careers?? Any help greatly appreciated!

  • casey says:

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