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Download: IBM Joins the Office Suite Battle with Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony SuiteThose who have purchased Microsoft Office 2007 might be feeling sucker punched now. Alternative Office suites have really become a force in shifting the balance of power in the market, especially with the popularity of free (like OpenOffice and Star Office) and web-based office suites (like Zoho and Google Docs).

The latest company to join the bunch? Nothing less than IBM, itself with its Lotus Symphony suite (currently in Beta). It only features the basic office related tasks like word processing, spreadsheet management and presentations and can only handle the common file types (.doc, .xls and.ppt) I think it’s more than capable to handle you most basic tasks and best of all it’s free.

You have to pay at least $500 for Microsoft Office (unless you’re a student, you can get it at a measly sixty-buck pop). “Free” is the better catch word.

The IBM Lotus Symphony suite works with Linux and Windows. Let’s hope they build one for Mac too.

Download Lotus Symphony Beta here.


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