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Download: JkDefrag GUI

JkDefrag GUI

Here’s one more thing that can be added to the mix of candidates to replace Windows Vista’s really dumb Defragmenter.

A little over a month ago, I posted about Vista Defrag’s dumb-down interface which prompted a few responses on using third-party software to do the job for us. From the comments, a few suggestions came up. True, there’s always paid software. Now these babies (O&O, PD and Diskeeper) do faster and cleaner jobs than the system default but you have to pay a reasonable sum for them.

As for the freeware, only JkDefrag came up as a suggestion in the comments. Now I was a bit hesitant in trying it out at first. The previously generally-available version had a straightforward dumbed-down interface. It’s a bit more unattractive than Vista’s but at least it shows you the progress. One thing that leaves everyone else puzzled why Vista wants people to guess how long the defrag process will be.

Since it used to rely much on command line scribbles for customization, it gets a new boost with this GUI. The GUI gives you clean and quick access to advanced options and scheduling.

Download JkDefrag GUI here.


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