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Download: Manage Windows with Pitaschio (A 60KB Download)

PitaschioYear-end list and year-end awards. I stumbled upon CyberNet News’ Tiny Program award. It was the first time I’ve read about Pitaschio but heck, after checking it out, I’d have to say that I’d give it the same props too. Tons of features to help you manage Windows and yet it just takes up 360KB unzipped. And the download is just a mere 60KB zip file.

So what the heck does it do? A lot. For just 360KB of hard drive space, this is one little meanie. Just take a look of all of these. And it really does all of these:

  • Snap a window to other windows when moving and resizing
  • Restrict a window position to inside of the screen
  • Always keep a window above all other windows
  • Minimize a window to the system tray
  • Use small icons in the desktop
  • Disable Windows key, Insert key, Alt key etc.
  • Lock the mouse or keyboard while cleaning them
  • Take statistics about mouse and keyboard
  • Calculate Moon’s age
  • Control the sound volume using the mouse wheel
  • Display the sound volume level on the screen

It works from Windows 2000 to Vista (XP in between, definitely).

Download Pitaschio here.


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