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Download: One Handy Unit Conversion Tool


If you’ve work with measurements, you probably know how tedious it is to convert from one system of measure to another. Inches to centimeters. Liters to quarts. Celsius to Fahrenheit. These sure gave me a headache back in school.

So until now, working on the web, I encounter different units of measurement (especially when researching on how-tos and recipes). If you’re like me, who continues to struggle to remember how many ounces are there in a cup, then Convert is just the tool for you.

It’s your lean and mean unit conversion tool that let’s you convert across a whole bunch of measurements from distances, to volumes, to temperatures, to pressures, to speeds, to powers, even data storage units! (No more need to memorize 1 calorie = 4.1868 joules.)

What I really love about this tool is that it runs as a stand-alone EXE file. Which means you can lug it around in your thumb drive to carry with you wherever you go. It works from Windows 98 to Vista (wow, it works!).

Download Convert here.


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