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Download: Put Tabs on Your Windows Explorer

QT TabBar

Blame Firefox for my love for tabbed browsing. Then Internet Explorer followed suite with tabbed browsing. It only left me with a wish to have tabbed browsing with all my apps, especially Windows Explorer.

And it’s a good thing we’ve got freeware developers to help us out. I just stumbled upon this neat freeware that places a tab bar on Windows Explorer. QT TabBar integrates that tab browsing feature to your Windows Explorer. This way, you can work on different folders and not have to worry to go through the levels in folders. Firefox spoiled me with tabbed browsing anyway. It saves me time by not having to navigate through the folder tree.

Aside from the tab bar, it has some added features too. So far, my favorites are:

  • Tab customization
  • Quick access to favorite folders
  • Hotkeys
  • Preview
  • A slew of other features

It only works on Windows XP and Vista though and you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 for it to work.

Download QT TabBar here.

Via Freeware Genius


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