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Download: Unlock Process-Held Files and Folders in Windows


Hmm… Ever since I’ve fallen in love with Web 2.0 apps and mashups, I found myself downloading freeware apps less. But some things you can’t live computing without. Mostly, these would be those little apps that tweaks and handles your system’s behavior, leaving you wondering why the heck Microsoft failed to integrate those features in their OS. (Yeah, this is why Michael is a Mac user.)

Ever had those nasty “Cannot delete file: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again” messages? Sometimes this comes out even if you’ve made sure that a program’s closed. Like for example trying to move a Word document that’s been used in Microsoft Word even if you’ve already exited MS Word.

A handy little freeware that can unlock the file (or folder for you) is Unlocker. Once installed an option would appear in your right-click menu so that you can unlock any file or folder. You have the option to simply unlock the file or even kill the process that’s been holding it up. Very handy.

The latest version of unlocker works in Vista. Yey!

Download Unlocker here.


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