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Download: WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier

WordPress Comment Notifier

All hail, The Geek.

Let’s face it. One of the banes of a blogger is comment spam and even with the different spam guards that you can apply to WordPress (our blogging platform of choice), you just can’t beat them all. Here at LifeSpy, we have set comment moderation on to effectively weed out spam comments from legit ones but that means checking the dashboard page often to see whether there are comments for moderation or not. Sure you can set WordPress to just alert you to moderate new comments but because of spam, you may end up with thousands of alerts only for nothing.

And this is where The Geek’s little tool enters the fray with the WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier.

In my quest to keep a clean inbox, I’ve created a small application that notifies me directly on my desktop when new comments come in to the moderation queue. It accesses the WordPress XML-RPC API by means of a small WordPress plugin that I’ve created…

When there are new comments, you’ll see this [visit link] little message pop up, and then the icon will change to some random icon alert icon I found somewhere. If you click on the text it will take you to the moderation page.

I’ve tried it out with my personal blog and it works great. Amazing piece of tool! Probably a must get for bloggers using WordPress.

Instead of providing a direct download link, I’ll just link you to the feature page over at How-to Geek for more details.


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