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Finally, iTunes Vista Fix 7.1

Yeah, I’m a bit late posting this one but an update nonetheless. Apple’s released version 7.1.1 of iTunes. Yet Apple still aims to resolve the following issues:

  • Ejecting an iPod from Windows Explorer or the Windows notification area (system tray) using the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature may corrupt your iPod. To always safely eject an iPod, choose Eject iPod from the Controls menu within iTunes. If your iPod becomes corrupt, selecting your iPod in iTunes and clicking Restore in the iPod’s Summary panel should return your iPod to a working condition.
  • iTunes may display text or graphics incorrectly on your screen. Resizing the iTunes window should correct this issue.
  • Contacts from Windows Contacts may not sync with iPod.
  • iTunes remains unsupported on 64 bit editions of Windows, including Windows Vista and Windows XP x64.

Read Apple’s documentation here.


One Response to “Finally, iTunes Vista Fix 7.1”

  • SurlyDuff says:

    Actually, if you read the article carefully, you’ll see that all those issues are yet to be resolved.

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