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Firefox News: Firefox 3 Beta 1 is Out

Firefox 3 Beta 1And each day we get closer to the new Firefox and what we have now is Beta 1 of Firefox 3. As with any Beta, expect bugs and what not. But the beauty about fiddling around with the Beta is that you get the feel of things to come – pretty handy if you’re a web developer/designer, programmer, or just a plain power user. Well, you could have already done so with the alpha releases but it’s always the Beta that has the greatest semblance to the real thing.

Fiddling with it got me excited especially with great new offerings like a Places Organizer to keep your bookmarks neat and tidy. Combined with a great search saving feature, Firefox 3 is shaping up to be the web addicts browser of choice. For browsing junkies like me, there’s also this great plug-in manager for players and runtime environments like Flash and Java. One feature that also caught my eye is the option that lets you set the default applications and download actions for different file types.

However, I really can’t stay on using the Beta for now since not all of my add-ons are working smoothly with the Beta. And reader may know me, my browsing style feeds on add-ons.

It’s already available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Download Firefox 3 Beta 1 here.


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