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Firefox News: Firefox 3 Will Be Souped Up

Firefox 3, which is due out later this year, will probably contain a slew of new features. As as Firefox junkie, I’m all too anxious to get my hands on the final version.

As news has it, 3 will probably include features like offline support for Web applications. One thing they’re also looking at is an e-mail support. Imagine writing e-mail for Gmail offline and send it later when you’re back online again. Sweet!

One other innovation they’re looking into are “Bookmarks” and “History” upgrade. Imagine (again) automatic sorting of bookmarks based on popularity and frequency of use. And users can now search and see the cached information in “History.”

Now these features are still under consideration but we’re assured that the guys in Mozilla will be churning out one butt-kicking browser yet again!

Source: IT World


One Response to “Firefox News: Firefox 3 Will Be Souped Up”

  • The Spook says:

    How about options to better manage memory usage (at least in a more user-friendly interface)?

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