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Firefox News: On Firefox Memory Leaks

One thing I do have to concede to with regard to my favorite browser is a memory hog. Limiting Firefox’s RAM usage is one of the stopgap measures that you can do but because of some latent problems, it will still inevitable leak memory. Firefox 3 promises to leak less memory but Firefox engineers can’t promise that the new browser will be leak proof.

Many die-hard fans may have had problems with this especially when leaving the browser on for long hours, browsing many sites at once. A quick check of the memory consumed by Firefox and getting around 250+MB of memory usage isn’t too surprising to me at all. If my lappie wasn’t packing that much physical RAM, my system would have been oh-so-sluggish.

Firefox chief engineer says, “There are a number of different memory issues, including when Firefox doesn’t return allocated memory to the system… We’ve been hunting memory leaks for about three years now and we fixed 50 to 60 in Firefox 2.0. But we took a much harder spin through [the problem] for 3.0 and fixed more than 300 individual leaks. I think [3.0] will be better than 2.0, which was better than 1.5. Compared to earlier versions, and compared to other browsers, users will see significant improvements.”

Beta 1 is out but I still won’t be adapting it until I get the stable release. I’ve tried it out before and I have to admit that Firefox 3 is one heck of an incarnation. With the memory issue, some users might still get turned off with Firefox. But that’s one thing you have to deal with in computing. Everything changes anyway.

Via: Computerworld


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