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Firefox Quick Tip: A Mouse Ninja? Forget Keyboard Shortcuts

All in One Gestures

I’m a keyboard ninja, and I’m more in favor of using keyboard shortcuts than the mouse. Not that I hate the mouse, it’s just that I’ve been using computers even before the mouse was an integral part of GUI computing. (No mouse movements for the command line, right?)

However, nowadays, most of the people I encounter prefer the mouse over keyboards. And it’s all just matter of preference. But it doesn’t necessarily save you time as quickly as you can keyboard shortcuts since you have to compensate for longer mouse movements to click on the back button or reload button.

But good thing there’s All-in-One Gestures – an add-on that allows you to to execute common commands using mouse gestures, rocker navigation, scroll wheel navigation and page scrolling.

So to go back a page all you have to do is to hold down your right-click button and move your mouse to the left. Smaller mouse movements mean quicker browsing. It’s all a matter of convenience. You can preset it to more than 90 commands.

Download All-in-One Gestures here.


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